[Seaside] Wierd totally fatal bug problem

Nevin Pratt nevin@smalltalkpro.com
Tue, 14 May 2002 14:18:58 -0600

Avi Bryant wrote:

><snip description of image corruption and chaos>
>Ok, I'm glad to hear that I'm not going mad; I've been seeing very similar
>symptoms recently, but nobody else has been reporting anything.  What I
>usually see is this
>- sometimes after an image is saved, Comanche stops responding; it still
>accepts connections but it doesn't do anything with them
>- restarting Comanche on that same port doesn't do anything
>- starting a new IAKom service on a different port often works, but not
>- once this happens, that image is unreliable; it is liable to lock up,
>for example, ten or so seconds after startup

 From time to time I have seen sporadic cases of flakey images when the 
image was saved with Comanche running.  I've reported on it before, too.

My solution is to *never* save the image with Comanche running.