[Seaside] multipart form data

Alain Fischer alain.fischer@bluewin.ch
Thu, 23 May 2002 01:50:40 +0200

Hi Rob,

Avi just sended me an early implementation for file upload.
The upload of file is now integrated in Seaside (I checked with a fresh=20=


To use it, you need to make a component:

IAComponent subclass: #AFiUploadFilePage
	instanceVariableNames: 'uploadFile '
	classVariableNames: ''
	poolDictionaries: ''
	category: ''

	^ '<form action=3D"@upload" enctype=3D"multipart/form-data">
		<input type=3D"file" name=3D"@uploadFile" size=3D"80"><br>=

		<input type=3D"submit" value=3D"Send file">

	"Here do what you want with:
	uploadFile fileName
	uploadFile contents"

The bad things is that the fileName returned is fully dependant of the=20=

and the plateform used: different kind of path separators, sometime full=20=

sometime only the filename. Ahhhhh the joy of web development ;-)

To get a correct fileName, I used the following (the most current path=20=

	(uploadFile fileName findTokens: '/\:') last
which should work on more current cases.

Have a nice day.

Le Mercredi 22 mai 2002, =E0 03:09 , Rob Whitfield a =E9crit :

> Does anyone know how to upload a file within the seaside environment? =20=

> Specifically, on a form submission, how do I get the file to actually=20=

> be saved by the server (i.e. comanche)?

> Hi Alain,
> I saw the thread you started on file upload via seaside.  I can't seem=20=

> to find a way to unencode Avi's mime encoded cs files.  Could you=20
> forward the cs files to me or tell me how to unencode the mime encoded=20=

> information that Avi posted?
> Regards,
> Rob