[Seaside] new bindings system

Tim Rowledge tim@sumeru.stanford.edu
Sun, 26 May 2002 19:16:26 -0700

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          Frank Sergeant <frank@canyon-medical.com> wrote:

> Avi Bryant <avi@beta4.com> wrote:

> > This is more verbose, but it also has (IMO) much clearer semantics.
> I love it.  This is so much clearer to me that it offers hope that I
> could wrap my mind around it.
I'm not sure I love it, but it does seem much less magical and more
Smalltalky. I _really_ don't like this 'accessor path' nonsense that
allows rape and pilage of objects. Just not cricket old man. As my
friend Adele says "ask, don't touch"; it applies to programming just as
much as to seduction.

> > So, am I off my rocker?
When has sanity been an interesting benchmark of value?

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