[Seaside] [BUG]Puzzling problem with Panes

Tim Rowledge tim@sumeru.stanford.edu
Mon, 27 May 2002 19:47:37 -0700

Here's a funny little buglet.

Following previous advice I had incorporated a subcomponent that handels
my questions within the page that handles a test. I did this with
	<pane sea:id="questionPane">
and the usual bindings stuff to initialize it. Works fine.

Now I need to add a little timer-countdown pane to let the poor victim
know how much longer they have before their career hopes are dashed
against the exigencies of modern technology. I made a suitable subclass
of IAComponent and stuck it in with
	<pane sea:id="timerPane">
It didn't work - what appears to happen is that any following html until
a tag like</td> etc gets left out. I tried surrounding it with <span>
stuff to even worse effect - no timer window, but everything else was

I vaguley recalled seeing a different pattern of use via
	<IACountdownTimer sea:id="timerPane"></IACoutndownTimer>
with no need for the class setting in the binding. This works ok.

I'm puzzled by the difference and wondering if it points to a small bug
in some parsing code that should be whacked.

Tim Rowledge, tim@sumeru.stanford.edu, http://sumeru.stanford.edu/tim
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