[Seaside] Handling redisplay/update stuff

Tim Rowledge tim@sumeru.stanford.edu
Mon, 27 May 2002 20:01:29 -0700

Not a very descriptive subject line I'm afraid.

As everybody knows by now I'm trying to handle tests of multiple choice
questions. I have a subpane to display the actual question and it gets
told its question object each time the display mamba is done. This is
causing a problem right now.

Since my main activity is simply choosing from a list and hitting the
'this is my final answer and Im not the weakest link' button I'd like to
avoid the redisplay that takes up time after hitting the button. There's
no value in having it that I can think of for this case. Can I stop it
from happening? Apart from anything else it triggers my
answer-randomizer so suddenly the putative answers are in a different
order to when you answered them, a little cognitively dissonant.


Tim Rowledge, tim@sumeru.stanford.edu, http://sumeru.stanford.edu/tim
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