[Seaside] Seaside Icon

Peter Robin peterr@ieee.org
Wed, 29 May 2002 18:31:29 +1000

>That's interesting; I'd never seen a browser that had issues with that.
>Do all of the examples work ok?  Often when embedding subcomponents you
>get extra <html> tags if you're not careful (to avoid that, whenever you
>use <html> use <body> as well).

Using the seaside tutorial, I enclosed all the html methods as follows:

        more html ......

The seaside logo etc still ended up outside the </html> and got mangled 
by konqueror.

The generated html was:

<html><head></head><body><html> <h1>Think of a vegetable.</h1> <form 
method="POST" id="reload" action="/seaside/guess/act"><input 
type="hidden" name="page" value="5"><input type="hidden" name="session" 
value="1EA92CC03D525A2"><input type="hidden" name="txn" 
value="top"><input type="hidden" name="1">     <arepeat 
id="action/actions">         <input name="2" type="submit" value="OK" 
id="button:"></input>     </arepeat> </form> </html> </body></html><p><a 
href="http://www.beta4.com/seaside">         <img 
src="http://beta4.com/seaside/poweredby.png" border="0"></a><hr>         
        <a href="/seaside/config">config</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;

It's a trivial problem, bit it would be nice to have the logo showing 
properly on any production pages that end up being created by people