[Seaside] autorefresh

Kamil Kukura kamk@volny.cz
Fri, 31 May 2002 23:47:13 +0200

 >So the trick is to find the current URL?  This is untested, but something
 >like this should work, I think:
 >MyComponent>>printHtmlTo: context
 >  session response
 >	headerAt: 'Location'
 >        put: 'view', context actionQuery;
 >        headerAt: 'Retry-After'
 >        put: '3'.
 >  super printHtmlTo: context.
Well it just needed to add status: '302', but it seems that neither IE
nor Mozilla supports Retry-After header. So I need to go back to refresh
I made binding for <meta sea:id="refmeta" http-equiv="refresh">

addBindingsTo: template
     (template elementNamed: 'refmeta')
         bind: #content toPath: 'refreshMetaContent'

     | url |
     url := session response queryStringForPageAt: session request pageKey.
     ^ '3; ', url

This seems to work