[Seaside] redirect doesn't return -djb

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Tue Feb 4 08:59:09 CET 2003

How about trying a clean image with a fresh seaside install to see if it 
does it there.  If you don't always see this problem, presumably it is 
something you changed?

Also what browser are you using?  It could be a browser issue.


Derek Brans wrote:
> Hi Avi, Julian,
> My Seaside server is in a state where redirect doesn't seem to ever 
> return.  I'm just trying to view the config app (or any app).
> If I go into WASession start and put a halt after "self redirect", the 
> computation never reaches that point.
> If on the other hand I put the halt before the redirect, I halt 4 or 5 
> times in 4 or 5 different sessions (different sessionKeys, anyways).
> On the browser side, I can see I'm being redirected 4 or 5 times but the 
> browser evetually settles on a blank page, never popping up a login.
> Any hint what the problem might be?  I don't think I changed any code in 
> the Seaside 2.2 package,  but I may have added something as a test.
> Thank you in advance,
> Derek
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