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Germán S. Arduino gsa at softhome.net
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First, I must say that I'm a newbie also. Anyway I will try to help.

You are looking the paper related to the Seaside Design, Kernel section. I
think that could be more useful try with the Tutorial: "A Walk on the
Seaside". You can see several working examples and figure out easily how to
develop a "Hello World" example.

Also, Avi Bryant has wroted a mail explaining me more things that was VERY
useful for me. I've put that mail at the Seaside swiki in:



Germán S. Arduino

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Hi, I am trying to understand more about the Seaside application.  In the
Seaside Borges webpage, there is an paragraph as follows
As a quick example, here is the simplest possible Seaside application:
WAApplication named: 'hello' do:
  [:session |
  session respond: [:response | response nextPutAll: 'Hello world!']]

Making a call to WAApplication class>>named:do: associates an application
name with a one-parameter block. When a request is first made for that
application name to the Seaside server, a new WASession object will be
created and passed into the block. In this case, the application simply
generates a single response and then exits.
If I evaluate the example the I get an error   " named:do:  not understood "
I traced through the WACounter example but it appears to do its job in a
slightly different way.
Thank you for any help.

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