[Seaside] I18N support

Nils Kassube nika.nospam at kassube.de
Sat Nov 1 20:57:43 CET 2003

Guten Abend.

What's the recommended way to deal with I18N in Seaside using Squeak?

I've read 




but I'm still confused. I want to treat every incoming form data as
UTF-8, store everything (all text properties) as Unicode and encode
the outgoing HTML and XML data as UTF-8. 

Or how do you handle data in multiple languages usually? I'm content
with support for the Latin script of the European languages for now,
but storing stuff as Unicode offers uniform handling and
future-proofness (in case e.g. the Asian market becomes interesting).

Beware: I'm spoiled by Python (and Zope) ;-)

Lübeck, Germany - The Marzipan City

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