[Seaside] VW Port

Pennell, David DPennell at quallaby.com
Thu Nov 6 05:37:41 CET 2003

I just published a port of version 59 from SqueakMap to the Cincom public
You can download the Seaside-WebToolKit bundle and all of the pre-requisites
will come along.

I've smoke tested all of the pre-registered applications and added another
round of Squeak extensions to support them.

Roger - I believe I've harvested all of your feedback.  I'm using VW's
EphemeronDictionary - let me know if you still see the random failures.
Base64 encoding is now in, but I haven't tested it yet.

Has anybody done anything for unit testing Seaside?  It sure would be nice
to have a test suite to run after one of these porting exercises.


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