[Seaside] VW Port - Problem fixed

Roger Whitney whitney at cs.sdsu.edu
Thu Nov 6 16:52:48 CET 2003

	I found the problem. EphemeronDictionary was not being used in the 
version I downloaded. I did download the latest version of all three 
bundles. I modified SeasidePlatformSupport class>>weakDictionaryOfSize: 
as below. When I used the EphemeronDictionary Seaside seems rock solid. 
I was able to make 2000 new requests without any problem, which was not 
possible before. Now I am a happy camper. Thanks again for the work on 
the port.

SeasidePlatformSupport class>>weakDictionaryOfSize: size

	^EphemeronDictionary new: size

On Wednesday, November 5, 2003, at 10:58  PM, Roger Whitney wrote:

> David,
> 	Thanks for all the work. I was able to install this version without 
> any problems. The Base64 stuff does work. The EphemeronDictionary does 
> make it more stable. I still get random errors of the same type as 
> before, but fewer of them. Before it was not possible for the 
> following to run without the error occurring.

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