[Seaside] My Introduction to Seaside

Colin Putney cputney at wiresong.ca
Thu Nov 13 07:25:20 CET 2003

Hi Ken,

Welcome to the Seaside community. It's pretty small, but we have fun.

On Nov 12, 2003, at 9:47 PM, Ken Treis wrote:

> * Why did they name this framework after an eggplant (aubergine)?

To rhyme with "Enterprise Javabeans."

> Travis Griggs and I are going to do a Seaside project together, just 
> for grins. And I want to use Seaside in my next major project. But I 
> have a few questions:
> * What's the best way to tie into a database? I'm not too keen on
>   object-relational mappers; I'd almost rather have something more like
>   a PERL prepare/execute.

How about an object database? I've been playing with Avi's GOODS 
client, and like it quite a lot. If you just want to manipulate rows in 
a relational database, try Roe.

> * How are people deploying Seaside? Is it generally being launched with
>   Comanche handling everything, or is it somehow made subservient to
>   Apache? Could mod_proxy be used for this?

Both of these options seem to be fairly common, and I've found both to 
work quite well. If all you want is the application, Comanche works 
fine. If you go through Apache with mod_proxy, you can take advantage 
of Apache's security controls, make the app available within a mostly 
static site, or make it available on only certain virtual hosts 
(something Comanche can't do).

> * Is this stable enough to be used 24x7? After a while, Swazoo (at 
> least
>   on VisualWorks) would clog up with unreleased socket handles and have
>   to be restarted.

Yeah, I've found it to be pretty stable. All the instability I've 
encountered has been my own fault, and mostly related to database 


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