[Seaside] My Introduction to Seaside

Stephen Pair stephen at pairhome.net
Thu Nov 13 13:59:00 CET 2003

Colin Putney wrote:

>> * How are people deploying Seaside? Is it generally being launched with
>>   Comanche handling everything, or is it somehow made subservient to
>>   Apache? Could mod_proxy be used for this?
> Both of these options seem to be fairly common, and I've found both to 
> work quite well. If all you want is the application, Comanche works 
> fine. If you go through Apache with mod_proxy, you can take advantage of 
> Apache's security controls, make the app available within a mostly 
> static site, or make it available on only certain virtual hosts 
> (something Comanche can't do).

Actaully that's not correct...Comanche comes with built in support for 
host based virtual hosts (or perhaps you meant IP based virtual hosts, 
which is a limitation of the current socket implementation in Squeak). 
Check the class comments for ModVhost.

- Stephen

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