[Seaside] Gardner, SmallWiki, Swiki, or?

Stephen Pair stephen at pairhome.net
Tue Nov 18 14:13:27 CET 2003

I would definitely choose something based on the SmallWiki parser (which 
means SmallWiki or Gardner).  SmallWiki is fully functional now but 
doesn't use Seaside.  Gardner is a little more basic (in terms of 
functionality and the UI) but uses Seaside.  With the SmallWiki parser, 
you'll have a much easier time when and if you need to customize it.  I 
would also upgrade to Squeak 3.6 and Comanche 6.2 as soon as possible.  
I think running in a separate image is the safe way to go here.

- Stephen

Nevin Pratt wrote:

> Well, I want to plug a wiki into my site:
>   http://www.bountifulbaby.com
> Click the "Forum" button on my site-- that's where the wiki will go.
> Or maybe I should say, when the "Forum" button is clicked, you are to 
> be taken to my Wiki.  The Wiki probably doesn't particularly need to 
> be integrated with the rest of the site.  Or should it?  Hmm...
> I'm currently running Squeak 3.5, Comanche 5.x, Seaside 2.3b
> Which wiki should I try?
> Gardner seems cool, but as I mentioned, I don't particular see the 
> need to have my Wiki be part of Seaside.  Or just maybe I'm missing 
> the big picture here, and not seeing some advantage that exists by 
> integrating it with Seaside. 
> Plus Gardner requires SmallWiki?  And SmallWiki requires Comanche 6.x? 
> And I'm running Comanche 5.x.
> Hmm, maybe I should just run another image for the wiki?  How about I 
> just download an existing Com/Wiki combo and run it as a separate image?
> Decisions, decisions... anybody got any advice?
> Nevin

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