[Seaside] Gardner, SmallWiki, Swiki, or?

Lukas Renggli renggli at student.unibe.ch
Tue Nov 18 17:18:36 CET 2003

> I would definitely choose something based on the SmallWiki parser 
> (which means SmallWiki or Gardner).  SmallWiki is fully functional now 
> but doesn't use Seaside.  Gardner is a little more basic (in terms of 
> functionality and the UI) but uses Seaside.  With the SmallWiki 
> parser, you'll have a much easier time when and if you need to 
> customize it.

This September the SmallWiki parser has been been partially rewritten 
by John Brant. I assume that you are using still the old one?

The new parser supports escaping of special characters, nested lists 
and has got a much better handling of embedded Smalltalk blocks. 
Furthermore it is much faster, uses less memory and isn't complaining 
anymore about a slightly invalid syntax.


Lukas Renggli

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