[Seaside] Which class best suits a simple submission form?

Samuel Tesla samuel at alieniloquent.com
Tue Nov 18 18:50:38 CET 2003

First off, I love Seaside.  It is very very cool.  But I'm trying to
follow the examples that are provided to figure out what to do for my
app, and I can't help but think I'm making it too hard for myself.

What I want to set up is a simple sign up wizard.  Each page would
verify the data before committing it to the model.  There would be
buttons like in a normal GUI wizard: next, forward, finish, cancel.  The
buttons would be active/inactive depending on which screen in the wizard
they were in.

I know it should be simple and straight forward, but I'm having trouble
figuring out the (presumeably) obvious best way to do it.  There are so
many classes to inherit from and so many examples to try and mimic!

I tried to follow the Store example as it was a multipage app, but the
WABatchedList doesn't seem to really lend itself well.  I saw a couple of
classes in the Widgets group that seemed close to it, but they used links
instead of buttons.

I appreciate any suggestions.

Samuel Tesla


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