[Seaside] Gardner, SmallWiki, Swiki, or?

Lukas Renggli renggli at student.unibe.ch
Wed Nov 19 09:54:22 CET 2003

Hi Cees,

> The whole reason I did Gardner in the first place was that SmallWiki
> came with Yet Another Web Serving Framework, and my feeling is that
> we've got enough of that in Squeak. So I picked the good stuff (the
> parser etcetera) and forgot about the rest.

the reason that SmallWiki is not using Seaside, isn't because I don't 
like Seaside (I'm having a lot of fun building professional 
web-applications with Seaside), but because I wanted to be dialect 
independent. E.g. the SmallWiki port of John Brant to .NET and 
#Smalltalk wouldn't have been possible if I based on a framework using 
continuations ...

> Also, SmallWiki, even though it is called 'Wiki', has higher 
> aspirations
> - AFAIK it aims more at Zope. I have installed SmallWiki last summer
> under VW at Soops, and although we used it (mostly by default -
> WikiWorks sucks and there's nothing else) we didn't really like this
> File/Folder stuff in a Wiki.

as far as I know you are still using a very old version of SmallWiki at 
Soops. At that time I just introduced the new folder concept and it had 
not been integrated into the UI properly yet. With the latest version 
most beginners don't even realize that they are working within folders, 
as the flow of actions (e.g. to upload a resource or create a new page) 
has been improved to mach more the way SWiki did. Of course the experts 
still have the full power to organized their data in a tree of folders, 
if they want.


Lukas Renggli

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