[Seaside] Re: Which class best suits a simple submission form?

Torsten.Bergmann at phaidros.com Torsten.Bergmann at phaidros.com
Wed Nov 19 13:43:13 CET 2003

Hi Samuel,

have a look at #submitButtonWithAction:text:
Note that you have to cover it with a #form: 

Look at WAYesNoDialog for an example.


"Samuel Tesla" <samuel at alieniloquent.com> wrote in message
news:<42110. at webmail.thoughtlocker.net>...
> First off, I love Seaside.  It is very very cool.  But I'm trying to
> follow the examples that are provided to figure out what to do for my
> app, and I can't help but think I'm making it too hard for myself.
> What I want to set up is a simple sign up wizard.  Each page would
> verify the data before committing it to the model.  There would be
> buttons like in a normal GUI wizard: next, forward, finish, cancel.  The
> buttons would be active/inactive depending on which screen in the wizard
> they were in.
> I know it should be simple and straight forward, but I'm having trouble
> figuring out the (presumeably) obvious best way to do it.  There are so
> many classes to inherit from and so many examples to try and mimic!
> I tried to follow the Store example as it was a multipage app, but the
> WABatchedList doesn't seem to really lend itself well.  I saw a couple of
> classes in the Widgets group that seemed close to it, but they used links
> instead of buttons.
> I appreciate any suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Samuel Tesla
> -- 

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