[Seaside] HTTP Performance

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Nov 19 19:03:16 CET 2003

Hi Guys,

If you're interested in improving these matters then write a benchmark which
a poor VM guy like myself is able to understand ;-) IOW, I don't use
Comanche, I don't use Seaside (this time without the capital "S" ;) so if
you want to improve things get us something we can run on a single machine
without a huge setup beforehand. I'm sure Ian would be happy to work on this
as well provided that you can come up with a benchmark that shows the

  - Andreas

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> On 19 Nov 2003, at 15:45, Stephen Pair wrote:
> > I would like to look at these tests, but don't have the time right 
> > now.  I can't speak to why the performance drops from 50 rps to 10 
> > when serving a static file to serving a seaside 
> app...that's probably 
> > something that can be improved in Seaside.  As for the 50 
> rps number, 
> > it's really quite interesting...every benchmark of Comanche 
> that I've 
> > ever seen seems to top out at 50 rps.  It doesn't seem to 
> matter what 
> > OS or how fast the hardware is.  This leads me to believe that it's 
> > throttled by timer based algorithms in the Squeak VM that check for 
> > socket activity.  I think the performance of Comanche could improve 
> > dramatically if someone figures that out.  I've looked at 
> it briefly, 
> > but didn't have the time to really pursue it.
> There does indeed seem to be some limiting factor at the socket, I/O 
> stream or multi-processing level.
> Given the things that Squeak can do in the multi-media area, 
> performance-wise, I would think that it could be faster in HTTP 
> processing.
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