[Seaside] Gardner or SmallWiki installation

Stephen Pair stephen at pairhome.net
Thu Nov 20 02:58:13 CET 2003

Nevin Pratt wrote:

> Neither Gardner nor SmallWiki on SqueakMap seem to want to install 
> cleanly.
> Download a fresh 3.6 from squeak.org, then try it.
> Yeh, I can figure out the problems (although I haven't yet), but this 
> is sure to stop a novice dead.
> Nevin

You might give my monticello based SmallWiki package a try:  
http://squeaklab.org/miscellaneous ...I'm pretty sure it loads and runs 
cleanly with Squeak 3.6 and Comanche 6.2 (along with the other pre-reqs 
that you need to install by hand).

- Stephen

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