[Seaside] Which class best suits a simple submission form?

Samuel Tesla samuel at alieniloquent.com
Thu Nov 20 06:57:13 CET 2003

Avi Bryant <avi at beta4.com> writes:

> MyWizardTask>>go
>    |name address billingAddress creditCardInfo|
>    name := self call: (GetNameStep new).
>    address := self call: (GetAddressStep new message: 'Shipping
> address').
>    address useForBilling
>       ifTrue: [billingAddress := address]
>       ifFalse: [billingAddress := self call: (GetAddressStep new
> message: 'Billing address')].
>   creditCardInfo := self call: (GetCCStep new).
>   "... now do something with all of this... "

This worked beautifully!  Of course all I can do with the models at
the moment is inspect it in the browser...but hey, that's progress! :)

> Now, this doesn't provide a "Previous" button, but the browser back
> button works fine.  For Cancel, I would wrap embed this task in
> another component that provided a permanent cancel button:
> CancelWrapper>>initialize
>     task := MyWizardTask new.
> CancelWrapper>>renderContentOn: html
>     html render: task.
>     html form: [html submitButtonWithAction: [self answer] text:
> 'Cancel'].

That would work, but in the same vein as using the back button, why
not just have them close the browser window?  I think that one of the
coolest features of seaside is that it gives real meaning to the
browser buttons in a web app.  It just rocks my world.

> I'm not sure about Finish, I guess it depends how you want that to
> work (what does it mean to Finish before all the info is entered?).

Yeah, don't really need that for my purpose.  But one might make a
wizard with multiple exit points.

> The great thing to appreciate about this approach is that you can
> often use the same components in various permutations in different #go
> methods to make different wizards (I tried to suggest this somewhat by
> using the same parameterized component for the the two address steps).

Yeah, I wrote a lot of little components and assembled them into the
actual forms.  Works out rather well, I say.

Thanks a lot!
-- Samuel

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