[Seaside] Authenticaing Multiple Users

Sven Van Caekenberghe sven at beta9.be
Thu Nov 20 23:10:27 CET 2003

On 20 Nov 2003, at 20:28, Avi Bryant wrote:

> I managed to replicate this by throwing an error in the 
> #authenticateUser:password: method.  I imagine that if you put a "self 
> halt" there you will find that there's some exception being thrown in 
> yours as well.

Thanks Avi, it now works - there was some error there that got 

> My guess is that what's happening is that it keeps trying to display 
> the error page, but requiring authentication for that too, resulting 
> in an infinite recursion.  Obviously this is a bug - I think it will 
> get fixed naturally as a result of some of the work I've been doing 
> towards the next release.

Maybe there should be some option somewhere to do more logging.

Subclassing WAAuthenticatedSession for use through /seaside/config has 
another problem in the defaultPreferences class method - no ?

Also, how do you 'log out' ?

Doing new session doesn't re-authenticate as far as i can tell.


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