SmallWiki (WAS: Re: [Seaside] Gardner or SmallWiki installation)

Nevin Pratt nevin at
Fri Nov 21 00:23:49 CET 2003

Nevin Pratt wrote:

> Stephen,
> Your version installed and worked without a hitch.
> Nevin

Well, I spoke too soon.  I can't log in as admin.  I get a DNU.  

SWStructure>>changed:with: calls 'super changed:with:', and there is no 
implementation of #changed:with: in the superclass chain. 
 Object>>changed:with: is a VW'ism that doesn't exist in Squeak.

In other words, there are porting artifacts from when SmallWiki was 
ported from VW.

This DNU is obviously easy to fix, but is anybody actually using 
SmallWiki?  Surely you hit this issue?


Nevin Pratt
Bountiful Baby
(801) 992-3137

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