[Seaside] Seaside with Commanche file serving

Brett Taylor brett.taylor at healthauditors.com
Sat Nov 22 23:48:51 CET 2003

I am new to Seaside and need a little help. I have built an application
using Seaside under Squeak that allows users to upload gif and jpeg
images to a site, and then later display the same images.  Right now, I
convert the images to a Form, and when asked to display the image I use:
html  imageWithForm: aForm

For performance and space reasons, I need to start serving the files off
of disk. Eventually I'll probably switch to Apache, but for now I'd like
to use Comanche to serve the files.   How do I configure Comanche to
serve the gif and jpeg files, and still maintain the WAKom server?

BTW, Seaside is a great web development environment!
Brett Taylor

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