[Seaside] Seaside Vs Java Struts Wafer weblog comparison

Roger Whitney whitney at cs.sdsu.edu
Fri Sep 26 23:44:20 CEST 2003

Last month Todd Blanchard posted his Seaside implementation of the  
Wafer weblog. The Wafer weblog spec was created to compare different  
Java frameworks for Web applications. The idea is to implement the  
Wafer weblog using the different frameworks and compare the results. I  
downloaded Blanchard's Seaside implementation and the Java Struct  
version. I have no idea how the Java Struts version compares to the  
other Java versions. It could be I picked a really bad Java example to  
look at. Here are some simple comparisons.

First the total size of what one downloads for each version. Yes the  
Java Struts download is ~160 times larger.
Size (uncompressed)	
Java Struts Version 	4.1MB (yes MB)
Seaside version 		26,759 B (yes bytes)

# of Files	
Java Struts Version 	155	
Seaside version 		1

The struts version had a number of jar files that were needed to run  
the example. The jar files are rather large, and most were not actual  
created for the project. They were results of other projects.  It also  
had a number of XML files used to compile the example and configure  
struts. So I looked at the source files in each version for an idea of  
how much code one needed to implement each project. In the Java Struts  
version there were Java classes and jsp files. Here is the total size  
of the source files. The java struts version is 8.9 times larger.

Source Size
Java Struts Version 	239,330 B	
Seaside version 		26,759 B

Most of the Java struct version files contain a copyright notice. When  
I remove the copyright we get that the Java struts version is 5.9 times  

Source w/o copyright notice	
Java Struts Version 	159,554 B	
Seaside version 		26,759 B

Finally there is the number of classes.

Java Struts Version 	 	36	
Seaside version 			12

I have no idea how hard it would be to actually run the Java Struct  
version. I would have to at least download and install Java Struts and  
what ever it needs to run. I did not try to look at the Java code to  
understand it. Nor do I have any idea what Struts are, but have run  
across a number of references to them.

Todd has a smaller version, which could change the comparison a bit.

URLs for downloading the code are below.

Blanchard's Seaside implementation  

Java Struct version  
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