[Seaside] Seaside Vs Java Struts Wafer weblog comparison

Markus Fritsche Fritsche.Markus at gmx.net
Sat Sep 27 14:41:07 CEST 2003

Roger Whitney wrote:

> Source w/o copyright notice   
> Java Struts Version     159,554 B   
> Seaside version         26,759 B

> Classes
> Java Struts Version          36   
> Seaside version             12

We had lessons in university using Struts. Additionally  to the fact, 
that most of the students didn't understand what it is that struts hide 
from the programmer (the professor said something like "Hey, it's hidden 
anyway, so you shouldn't need to know what's hidden"), I saw that there 
is a lot (and very a lot) of code being generated by WASD. Sometimes you 
have the feeling that the whole construction is some kind of domino 
game; tip a stone and watch the rest falling (alter a code line and 
watch the notices, errors and tasks come up). However, this feeling was 
repealed by the necessary configuration steps - create a forward here, 
create a form class (nothing than a bean, but if you don't know it...) 

What we should learn by this lessons was to create a dialog-based 
application. However, what we learned is that a tool that does a lot of 
things you don't understand and you cannot repeat by yourself fells 

The answer to the software crisis is (according to our studies) is: 
indirection and making things more complicated (this way, more engineers 
can work at a complicated problem) :-)

Oh, another idea I had in one of these lessons: 

Regards, Markus

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