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Fri Apr 2 18:42:55 CEST 2004

[This is a repost. I tried to send this email through my work address... 
however it does not appear to have gone through to the list. So I am sending 
this from my hotmail account. If this email ends up duplicated, please 
forgive me]

hey there...

Either I dont understand quite how things work... or I am leaking memory 
somehow... Im not sure.

I am trying to design a decently large application in seaside...

I have my entry class, CCM... which holds a CCMTask instance... renders the 
layout and navigation... then calls off to CCMTask.

CCMTask is fairly simple... The application has many 'sub' applications to 
it. Administration, and etc.

CCM's renderContentOn: html
renderContentOn: html
   "a VERY simplified version of my actual renderContentOn method"
   html .....
   html anchorWithAction [task home.] do: [
      html text: 'Home'.
   html anchorWithAction [task construction.] do: [
      html text: 'Non existant page'.
   html divNamed 'screen' with: task.

So I have CCMTasks go method as:
   self home.

It also has a few other methods...

   "Allow the user to go back to the home page"
   self call: (CCMHomeView new).
   "stub page for pages not yet added"
   self call: (CCMConstructionView new).

anyways... you get the idea.

Now, when I click back and forth between the links... it does not appear 
that anythings being garbage collected or something. The little counter 
(whatever thats for) at the bottom of the screen keeps going up... seaside 
reports more and more memory used by the app... and there are several 
instances of each class just sitting there in memory.

Now... am I missing something?

System info:
Squeak image v3.6-5424
Squeak vm 3.4 (for linux)
KomHttpServer 6.2 (I think, got it off off SqueakMap)
seaside 2.3.2 (I think, got it off off SqueakMap)


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