[Seaside] (no subject)

Luke Holden lholden at cablelan.net
Fri Apr 2 22:03:07 CEST 2004

> something), something's wrong.  After you've played with it for a 
> while, what does the "Memory Profile" link on the toolbar tell you?

First off... question... what exactly does the number next to the profile link represent? Does not hold any signifigance?

anyways... at the start of the application I get:

(number next to profile): 192
(Memory Use): 532 instances in 18.9 kB

after ~ 50 clicks (between two links...almost empty WAController objects:)
(number next to profile): 1008
(Memory Use): 4911 instances in 116.3 kB

another ~ 50 clicks
(number next to profile): 2004
(Memory Use): 9109 instances in 189.4 kB

So... I obviously must be doing SOMETHING wrong =)

Luke Holden (lholden at cablelan.net)
Phone# (250) 546-8544

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