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Luke Holden lholden at cablelan.net
Mon Apr 5 17:31:41 CEST 2004

> Well, the two methods above will give you a *new* CCMHomeView and
> CCMConstructionView whenever the user goes back to those pages, even within the
> same session. If that is what you want to to, then great, but probably you would
>  rather cache these in ivars for each user. That would cause a lot more object
> creation than you might want.

Eventually I plan to cache some of the pages. However, I have some components that need to be 'reset' when visited through the main navigation.  I would rather create a fresh instance, than have to make sure the existing object is 'clean'. It would suck to have a tech entering customer information, and have 'old' data polute a seperate customers record.

It would also be nice to have my tab panel reset its state every time its viewed through the main navigation. (So the first page is showing again)... Which esentially means either having 1: A proxy method from the WAComponent holding the tab panel... or just creating a new instance.

Of course... the objects could just contain NO data... but that kindof defeats the purpos of using seaside/continuations doesn't it?

So anyways, I would assume the stale objects would be garbage collected.

Now mind you... I think they actually might be.

I created a test application that only has a couple pages... which are ONLY recreated when the session is recreated. And while the continuation data does not increase indefiniatly like it did for my last example... I still have memory being eaten up per click. 

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