[Seaside] Re:[FIX][FIX] large files / WAFile & MultipartChunk & WAKom streaming

Colin Curtin alpine at umail.ucsb.edu
Sat Apr 10 01:05:35 CEST 2004

And even that changeset was wrong. I'm still not very good at doing this 

WAStreamedResponse>>#response should read:
    | response |
    response _ WAStreamedResponse new.
    response contents: self stream.
    response contentType: mimeType.
    response headerAt: 'Expires' put: 'Thu, 01 Jan 2095 12:00:00 GMT'.
    fileName ifNotNil:
        [response headerAt: 'Content-Disposition' put: 'attachment; 
filename=' , fileName].
    ^ response

To use the new WAStreamedResponse correctly. Sorry for all the confusion!

Colin Curtin

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