[Seaside] Upgrading to 2.5a-avi.3

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Sat Apr 17 02:42:37 CEST 2004

On Apr 16, 2004, at 5:33 PM, Colin Curtin wrote:

> Julian Fitzell wrote:
>> You'll probably have to re-add your applications, or at least 
>> reconfigure them.  My guess is your configured applications don't 
>> have a main class specified or something (not sure exactly which 
>> preference is your problem and am running out the door)...
> I haven't found a way to make an entry point for my applications in 
> 2.5a. I copied the class WACounter and made WAOtherCouter, and it 
> doesn't show up in "Root Component" selector. I deleted the class 
> WACounter, and the "Root Compnent" selector gets updated.
> Is there something I'm doing wrong?

You have to implement the class side method #canBeRoot, and have it 
return true.  Having a menu of every WAComponent was getting very 


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