[Seaside] seside 2.5a questions

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Mon Apr 19 18:31:43 CEST 2004

Hi Larry,

ld wrote:
> I'm learning seaside, starting with Version 2.5a.  It seems the best way 
> to learn is to ask questions, so here goes:
> 1) WACounter initialization.  What does
>       registerObjectForBacktracking: self.
> actually do?

Radoslav's answer is right on here.  The value of 10 he mentioned is a 
default that can be changed.  Actually, I find it a bit low as a default 
- it's very easy for users to go back a few steps, down a different 
branch a few steps, and then go back again to find a page they need has 
been expired.

> 2) When would I use:
>         # registerAsApplication    method?
> Should it be  used for embedded components? or for only those where 
> #canBeRoot is true?

You don't really need to use it.  The only place I've seen it used is in 
class side #initialize methods, to have an application created when your 
package is loaded.  I'm pretty sure it isn't going to care about 
#canBeRoot - that's just used to limit which classes show up in the list 
in the configuration screen.

> 3)  WACounter.  Does #children need to be defined as follows?
>       children
>          ^ counter

No, #children only defines a list of presenters/components; counter just 
holds an integer.  If you look at WAMultiCounter, it will define 
#children to return the array of WACounter components it is displaying.

> 4) WACounter:   if I add a #step variable to hold the rate of  change, 
> would #childern become:
>       children
>          ^  #('counter' 'step')

Again, no... see above.


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