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Stéphane Ducasse posted this to the VisualWorks NC list and asked me to
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Subject: About seaside

hi guys

the presentation of lukas of seaide was really good. 
I discussed with other seaside programmers (ian prince and also michel
bany) and I want share some important points.

- My boss was thinking that seaside could be a killer app for smalltalk but
there are still some stuff to do :) (he was one of the first one to build a
search engine for the www even before mosaic came out).

- Now some facts: one french editor mentioned that the books on java .net
were just really low as all the books in language the last two years except
the ones on PhP.

I think that creating a 50 pages tutorial on using seaside to build
application for the PhP programmer could be really a hit (my plate is full
but I would do it else). I think that it would be a smart move of the
community to think about that. Because soon other languages will have
continuation (perl 6 apparently) so we should do some stuff now.

We discussed with Michel Bany and he said that a port of seaside was under
way but I forgot to ask if the port will be freely available after.

What is important to realise is that seaside is one way to have people
developing application in Smalltalk because the seaside part should be max
20% of the application and the rest is Smalltalking.....So I'm sure that you
are all busy but there is an opportunity there Smalltalk miss the internet
so may be we should pay attention to not miss it another time.


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