[Seaside] Re: [Mewa] Can't format multipleRelationshipAttribute

Germán S. Arduino gsa at softhome.net
Sun Apr 25 13:49:40 CEST 2004

Thanks by your fast response Adrian.

With the new version the formatting works ok!.

> > Also, I must add a validationRule (that check at least one interest
> > selected), that dont't works neither.
> Can you elaborate; what does not work? Does the example not work either?

Your examples work ok, but my implementation not (May be some missunderstood
of myself).

By example, in the same multiple relationship I want to check that at least
one  interest is checked, as follow:

    relationshipTo: [MySession currentSession domainmodel interests]
    formatWith: [:each | each interestName, ' (' , each interestType , ')'];

    addValidationRule: [:collection | collection size < 1]
    errorString: 'Select at least one interest' translated].

Thanks by your time.


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