[Seaside] Adding application to Root Component selector

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Sun Apr 25 20:07:19 CEST 2004

ld wrote:
> I've started a new application in Seaside and set CanBeRoot to 'true' 
> for the class.  Yet, when I go to ..../seaside/config and attempt to add 
> an entry point for the app, it is not selectable from the Root Component 
> droplist.  How do I get it to appear?

You want to be creating a subclass of WAComponent and adding a 
class-side method called #canBeRoot (not setting a variable; lowercase 
C, not capital), which returns true (boolean, not string).  I can't tell 
if this is what you're doing or not based on how you phrase it above. 
That should be all you need to do though.

> Also:  do my 'seaside' applications need to be created inside the 
> 'Seaside' catetory? Or can I create my own category and place them there?

Well, you can do it differently, but the config UI doesn't support that. 
  The trick is that you need some unique prefix for comanche to 
recognize so that it can pass the requests on to seaside.  If you don't 
use WAKom, you can create your own application registry and register it 
at a different url with comanche.  I'm not sure exactly how you it 
integrates with the config app at that point either; I don't think 
anyone has done this recently, though the architecture is certainly 
designed to allow it.


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