[Seaside] Re: seaside hosting

Germán S. Arduino gsa at softhome.net
Tue Apr 27 00:35:27 CEST 2004

Well, I've a small web hosting company (at side of my software development
(also small) company) and I've evaluated several times about offering
Squeak-Seaside hosting but, unfortunately, to my profile of customers
(smalls) the ecuation don't close.

I've mainly customers with statics or small dynamic MySQL-PHP or Perl sites
and in a server were I can host 200 of this sites, the number down too much
considerating memory and another Squeak requirements. Virtual server may be
an alternative, but very expensive yet for me to offer.

Another question is a low demand of this type of hosting and the high price
that I must set in comparison with normal hosting plans. I, as Squeaker and
Seaside user, hope this situation change soon, but at the moment can't offer
Squeak hosting :(


Germán S. Arduino

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On Apr 26, 2004, at 10:23 AM, Pablo Iaría wrote:

> Hi all,
>   Does anybody know if there's some place to host a seaside
> application for free
> (just like freezope.org) ?

I don't think there is.  How does freezope.org support itself?


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