[Seaside] Re: seaside hosting

Dave Bauer dave at thedesignexperience.org
Tue Apr 27 12:59:44 CEST 2004

radoslav hodnicak wrote:

>My guess would be that java/python|zope developers don't modify the system
>all over the place, hence they can use loadable modules and reasonably
>expect that it will work for all users.
>Smalltalk images tend to be rather unique. I'm sure one could come up with
>some sort of restricted development style that would allow to share one
>smalltalk image (especially if your smalltalk supports namespaces), but I
>don't see this as practical solution for any non-trivial application.
I haven't followed the entire thread, but I am normally an OpenACS 
programmer, and our platform is also not very common and extremely rare 
for shared hosting options. There are a couple of companies that offer 
it, both use a virtual server setup, one on Linux and one of FreeBSD 
that seem to work fairly well. With this type of setup, each customer 
runs their own application server, and can customize any of the code 
running in their own virtual server without affecting the other users.

Besides that the most common hosting for small experimental sites is DSL 
or cable internet connections. One small fact is that OpenACS has been 
around a while longer so there are companies that provide consulting 
services, and sometimes will donate some server space for a developer to 
try out. Another key that is unique is that OpenACS really doesn't run 
on Windows so well for historical reasons and most developers have no 
problem using Linux, BSD, Solaris, OS X, etc. I suspect a shared hosting 
system would need to run some sort of UNIX-like operating system to be 

I'll try to find out what the specific software is that is used for 
virtual hosting.


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