[Seaside] passing through to a new session

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Thu Aug 12 20:24:57 CEST 2004

On Aug 12, 2004, at 3:42 AM, Kamil Kukura wrote:

> My web application's root is WATask component calling a login 
> component. Then it validates user+password and then it calls main 
> application body. After user is done with his/her work, he goes to 
> logout link which simply answers back to root.
> Now there's one inconvenience: if user goes away from the computer 
> after logout and then he returns back after 1-2 hours when session is 
> too old, he/she will put there [on login form] name and password and 
> "session expired" page will appear. Is it possible to solve this in 
> some elegant way?

That's a very good question.  I don't think there's anything elegant 
right now - the only thing you could do is change the Session Expiry 
Seconds configuration so that the whole app had a very long expiry 
time.  But that's not really what you want - you want to be able to 
have just the login page have no expiration.
One somewhat cheesy workaround would be to have "logout" redirect them 
to a static page somewhere that says "you have been logged out" with a 
"login" link on it that starts a new session.
I'll try to think about what a better, more general solution would look 
like.  Suggestions welcome.


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