[Seaside] Added records not showing on Filtered view.

LK s002 at landr.net
Fri Aug 13 03:51:14 CEST 2004

I filtered my PMLogsView to only  show records where the #type = 'LOGS', 
by changing the Session method #initialze from:
        allRecords := self session logs

to this:

    allRecords := (self session logs) select: [:i| i type = 'LOGS']

When a record is added to my 'logs' database, it does not show in the 
PMLogsView page unless I start a new session. ( Delete and modify work, 

I have tried moving the filter code from PMLogsView>>initialize to the 
session method #logs, thinking that the database access needs to be at 
the session level, in order to get updated.

        ^ (self db root at: 'logs') select: [:i | i type = 'LOGS']

But, that doesn't seem to make any difference.   I'm obviously flaying 
around in the dark, here.  Any care to lend my a  light, ( candle, 
flashlight, foglight. etc :<).



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