[Seaside] Suggestions for WAHtmlRenderer

David Röthlisberger davidroe at bluewin.ch
Sun Aug 22 16:36:48 CEST 2004


The usage of WAHtmlRenderer is already convenient, but there are still some
things left that would make it even more convenient to use.
For instance, I would like to have a possibility to create a multiple select
list (<select multiple="multiple">). So far this is not implemented, I tried
to implement it myself, but it seems to me that the only way to do that is
to add hidden input fields as well, like for the check boxes. The problem is
that if there are more than one options selected in such a multiple list,
then only the callback of the first selected option is evaluated, but not
the callbacks of the other selected options. Or is there an easy way to
change that behaviour?

Then it would also be great if there are some messages to create radio
buttons or check boxes, that take a collection (like the message for the
single select list does) as argument, so if I want to have a radio group of
some elements, I can simply say: Create me a radio button for every element
in my collection and put them together to a radio group. So far I have to
create a radio group first and then I can create for every element in my
collection a radio button in this group. This can be easy done in one single
message directly in WAHtmlRenderer. The same is true for a collection of
check boxes, IMO.

kind regards,

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