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Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com.ar
Fri Aug 27 19:56:17 CEST 2004

Hi all,
    do you ever think about making an MVP framework on top of seaside?
    I mean, there is a presenter, obviously there are model (your
objects), the only thing is missing here is something that decouples the
view from the application-model.
    Actually, if you subclassify a WAComponent, with your own,
components (presenters) the application model is coupled with the view
(rendering directives). So you have to 'draw a lot' to make your
application go where you want to go.
    I make the propose that a WebView separated hierarchy, could be
analogous to the View hierarchy on an ordinary ST. For instance:
WebTextInputView, WebTextAreaView, WebDateView, WebListView,
WebBatchSelecionView, etc, etc.
    In the other hand, we can have a WebPresenter hierarchy, with
WebDatePresenter, WebTextPresenter, WebListPresenter, WebButton,
WebShell, and so on. 
    Note: Perhaps the batch selector, instead of being a view, could be
a presenter, implemented using WebListView and buttons to control the
batch in the own WebBatchPresenter (application-model).
    In that way, a set of WebPresenters could have the rememberance of
the views created for each presenter. Ideally, you can make a subclass
of WebShell, call it MyApplicationMainWebShell, create a beautiful set
of web view components for it with some web view composer, lovely
dedicated to web expert graphic designers.
    Then, developers can use those saved views, and choose one to tie
each 'web view component' the main shell has, to the corresponding
subpresenter it has. At that time events can be hooked if necessary and
models can be fexibly asigned to subpresenters.
    As I see is very posible, and convenient.
    waht about this? anyone could see I'm wrong?    
Sebastián Sastre
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