[Seaside] releases (was re: registerObjectForBacktracking, submit and execute block)

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Mon Aug 30 17:11:25 CEST 2004

On Aug 30, 2004, at 12:57 PM, Andreas Nilsson wrote:

> I agree, that let's the user implement whatever behavior he or she 
> wants for a class.
> A neat way to use it would be to implement these methods on your 
> subclass of WAComponent to snapshot everything you wan't in that 
> component and then register the whole component for backtracking. That 
> would save you the trouble of subclassing / encapsulating the 
> collections to implement the methods.
> Any idea of when we'll see it implemented in Seaside?

Soon... see below for my plans.

I just added two new releases to SqueakMap.

One of them, marked as "published", is 2.5b3.  This isn't very 
different from b2; mostly it's an attempt to move some of the less 
stable parts of Seaside out of the way.  So:

- I've gotten rid of the WARendererCompat class, which reimplemented 
all of the renderer protocol using the extremely-alpha Canvas system, 
since it kept showing up confusingly in "implementors of" searches.
- I've put WAViewer back as the default CSS editor on the Halo, since 
the Library-based system (and particularly its editor) still needs a 
lot of work.

There's also at least one bug fix - the session timeout preference 
should work again, thanks Radoslav and Adrian.  I should point out that 
his is a good time to remind me of other outstanding bugs or fixes.

The other release, marked "unpublished" is of a Seaside 2.6a branch.  
So far, this is pretty much identical to 2.5b3, but I will be updating 
the URL to point to new versions as they are committed.  My short term 
plans for this branch are:

- Adding the "forwarder" session finalization mechanism (see my recent 
email to Andreas)
- Allowing custom object-snapshot implementations (as per Michel's 
- Refactoring the style/script libraries to allow one class per 
stylesheet instead of (or as well as) one method per (Rado)

Longer term:
- Completing the Canvas implementation.
- Starting work on localization.

By "short term" I think I mean "this week".  No predictions on the 
longer term stuff.

Does this all seem reasonable?


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