[Seaside] Performance!

Jon Paynter kittle at mail.yans.net
Tue Aug 31 19:27:41 CEST 2004

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Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 19:10:38 +0200

>I just checked out the counter example Borges (The seaside clone in 
>Ruby) with Webrick and thought it was a bit slow.
>So i brought up the same counter example in Seaside in another browser 
>window and WOW it's really fast.
>This is something that you get used to when using Seaside exclusively 
>(at least i did), you really need to compare it to something else to 
>appreciate the speed.
>I just thought I'd remind you all ;)

Yes on a local LAN it IS vast.. very fast.
But I found when working with friends to test remotely their response times were very slow.  No timeout errors from IE, but typical click-response cycle was 3-10 seconds.  No visible CPU spikes on my end.  and connections to my IIS webserver on the same machine gave normal sub-second response times back.

Ideas anyone?

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