[Seaside] How to

Raymond Asselin raymondasselin at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 7 04:46:39 CET 2004

- How to expand the width of a field. Say I have a field for an adress on my ŒSeaside¹ web page,
how can I change the current width of that field ? 

- Suppose I split the page on 2 pane using a css. Say pane1 and pane2 . So I link the pane1 to a
component, pane2 to another .  If pane1 is used by component11 which call component22, and
component22 call component33 --now I am at the component33 level -- how can I access instance
variable of the component11 ?  I also want that when the component33 task is over all component
unroll until component11.


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