[Seaside] what objects can i register for backtracking?

radoslav hodnicak rh at 4096.sk
Thu Jan 8 18:23:50 CET 2004

i have some idea what backtracking does, however i'm not sure what can it

my situation:

i select a link which calls some component that changes data. for this
reason i tell glorp session to begin unit of work (transaction) when i
create this component (and commit/rollback on #answer)

while in the component i hit the back button and select the link again
which creates a new instance of this component and it crashes because the
old transaction was not finished.

my question:

it looks to me like my glorp session would be a good candidate for
backtracking but - will this work reliably? (for those who don't know
glorp just assume glorp session is a quite complex object, with caches,
database accessors etc).

regards, radoslav
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