[Seaside] session in debugger?

Julian Fitzell julian at beta4.com
Thu Jan 8 18:29:54 CET 2004

Yeah, we really either need to get the session a different way or 
improve the tool support - I run into that regularly myself.  And yes, 
Cees' workaround is the probably the best bet.


Cees de Groot wrote:

> On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 13:50, radoslav hodnicak wrote:
>>I'm trying to debug some of my code by setting halts and then
>>browsing the links to it, however, in debugger "self session" evaluates to
>>nil, which makes the debugging quite impossible (i store some stuff like
>>user and glorp session in a subclass of WASession).
> I usually do 'self session inspect halt' if I suspect that I want to
> fiddle with the session.

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