[Seaside] documentation brainstorming

Avi Bryant avi at beta4.com
Fri Jan 30 03:33:39 CET 2004

Hi all,

I'm participating in a trial run of a "Masters of Software Arts" 
program run out of UIUC.  Part of the work I've committed to doing for 
this is to write some documentation for Seaside.  I'm going to be 
writing it in a "minimalist instruction" style - essentially, giving 
the user hints on how to complete specific, concrete tasks, but leaving 
them to discover the details.  What I need first is to assemble a list 
of the tasks that I'll be documenting, and I thought that some people 
on this list might have suggestions.

Here's the beginnings of a list.  Please add to it as you see fit.  
Note that I've tried in some places to avoid the terminology of Seaside 
("Using subcomponents") and used more general terms instead ("Breaking 
the page into smaller parts").  I'd like to stick with that where 

Any help would be much appreciated.


Getting Started
"Installing Seaside"
"Running the examples"
"Starting a new application"

Writing Components
"Displaying HTML"
"Making a link do something"
"Getting data out of forms"
"Rendering tables"
"Using CSS"
"Breaking the page into smaller parts"

Tasks/Call + Answer
"Showing a new page"
"Getting data back from a page"
"Answering data back from a page"
"Describing overall application flow"

Session Management
"Backtracking widget state"
"Disabling the back button"
"Making bookmarks work"

"Debugging your application from the browser"
"Profiling your code"

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