[Seaside] My first Seaside app(s) - Allowance and AllowanceAdmin

Eric Hodel drbrain at segment7.net
Tue May 4 23:57:12 CEST 2004

Jason Dufair (jase at purdue.edu) wrote:

> Folks -
> Just wanted to show off my first Seaside app - it's an allowance tracker
> for my kids (since I can't remember to update their balance every Sunday
> night).  It holds zero or more Piggybank objects and each Piggybank has
> a balance, badChoiceDebit, bonusAmount, allowanceAmount, earnFrequency,
> and nextEarnTimestamp.  You can "activate" the Piggybank at which point
> it will begin earning allowance at the earnFrequency rate starting at
> the nextEarnTimestamp.  badChoiceDebit and bonusAmount are used for
> bad/good behavior and only apply to the next earning point after which
> they are reset to 0.
> It's pretty ugly - I need to get my CSS mojo up to speed.  I understand
> CSS as a technology, but have no idea how to use it to make things look
> good.  I'll probably do some CSS Zen Gardening over the next few days.

You should also check out sites such as http://alistapart.com, which has
a great article on making navigation bars of out lists:

> If you want to try it out, you'll want to start by adding a kid
> (i.e. PiggybankOwner) in the admin app (that the parents would
> presumably run) which is at
> http://tunewheel.dyndns.org:9090/seaside/AllowanceAdmin You can use this
> to set the various instance vars for each Piggybank, start/stop the
> earning process, etc.

The only thing I can think to add is a call to #confirm when deleting a
piggy bank, I went to see if you had this in, and accidentally deleted
the wrong piggy bank!  I don't think my kids would be happy if they lost
their piggy bank due to a "bank error" :)

How do the good/bad choices on the kids' side work?  Do they get to
mark their own bad or good choices?

Eric Hodel - drbrain at segment7.net - http://segment7.net
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