[Seaside] WAMiniCalendar changes for 3.7

Jason Dufair jase at purdue.edu
Wed May 5 20:35:52 CEST 2004

Avi, et. al.

I decided I might as well move my Allowance app to a 3.7 image since I
discovered that the changes I made to Week were superceded by
significant changes to many of the chronology classes in 3.7.

I discovered that WAMiniCalendar is not compatible with the chronology
class changes, so I updated it.  Attached is the changeset.  I don't
have any experience with Monticello (yet), so I don't know how to
generate an .mcz file.  I hope the attached changeset is OK.
Jason Dufair
Office of the VP for Information Technology
Purdue University
jase at purdue.edu
765-496-1185 - fax: 765-496-7409
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